Sunday, April 22, 2012

Dubstep my games, please!

I just got done with my review of Ridge Racer Unbounded, and one of the things I pointed out in the Graphics and Sound section was that the game included several Dubstep tracks, including some Skrillex. I mentioned in a recent blog post on my persona blog that I had recently discovered - and love - Dubstep. In fact, I've been playing some of my PC games with the music turned down and some Dubstep streaming on Youtube in the background.

That's difficult to do for console games, so I was quite pleased with the fact that Dubstep was already in the game.

It's definitely not for all games, but there's just something about the Electronica-edge and the Sub-base drops that make it perfect for racing games, war games, mech games... basically any games where you're playing around with heavy machinery. Or is it just me?